Chapter 3: The Death of Dr. Jonathan Booshka

This is the end of my world. I can no longer obey the hive and do as they command. I am not a lackey in this semi-governmental militia. Work is not the solution to life and drugs can’t numb the pain. Life is real and is around us always. We choose to destroy ourselves because we are led blindly to our own destruction by the hive. Can we not ask ourselves why we allow our hunger for money and fame to overcome our lives. What is the purpose of living a life so mundane. We have the ability to enjoy life and to embrace love. Why do we hate ourselves and our world. We tend to blame the world we live in but its the people that make a place what it is. I can no longer stand to see me brothers and sisters become slaves to the hive and wither away as it sucks the marrow of life dry from them. That is why by the time you read this I will most likely be dead. I will sacrifice my self because if I have to sell me soul to the hive I would rather die with my secrets then waste away in a cell for years. It is my destiny to do this. I am overloading the core of the hive which uses the natural energy being emitted from Tarths core. This should overload the system used by The Hive to power all there stations and cause The Hive to crumble or I will die in vain. Good Luck Brothers and Sisters of the Knowing. If you have been reading to this point you now know who I am. Remember my name because I will be back. Death is infinite in its beauty. The last great experiment!



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