Chapter 3: Obituary for Dr. Jonathan Booshka

He was a great man! He lived a quiet life until the end. He realized in order to save the world he had to sacrifice him self. His self-righteous act caused The Hives grid to collapse last night. When Dr. Booshka stepped into the main grid and took all the energy being used to fuel The Hives stations across Tarth he opened up Portals. These portals popped up all over the world. They are too weak right now to do anything but I assume The Hive is already working on opening there portal. So far Academia knows of three portals that have opened. One in Academia, one in The Hive’s Main Infrastructure and one in a small town in Kalinornia. We will remember Dr. Booshka here at Academia for he truly unlocked the potential to travel to your world. If there is portals opening in our world most likely they will be opening in your world too.

I was asked to type this last blog for Dr. Booshka. Here is his final post…sadly:

Dear Earth,

Keep the hope alive. Your world will be saved just like my world will be. We are in this together even if you don’t believe in my world. There is no doubt in my mind that The Hive will make there way to your world if they haven’t already. You must arm yourself with the most powerful weapon you can: the mind. Your ideas and thoughts can change your world. All you have to do is use it. You have the power to create and destroy, which will you choose. When your standing at the edge of life and death and you look behind you and see your life. What will you see? A life of someone who will be respected for living an honorable life and enjoying it or someone who destroyed his and others lives. I hope you make a wise choice. Remember life is a cycle and out of death comes life and life death. I finally understand my destiny I can only hope I choose the right destiny. This is my final blog.

Yours in Truth,

Dr. Jonathan Booshka

P.S. I have arranged in my departing someone to update my blog for me. Starting tomorrow Jonny Starwood will be taking over “Dr. Booshka and the Electric Circus”.


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