Chapter 2: The End is Here!

We are entering a time of war. Last night a man claiming he was sent directly from The Hive tried to kill me. He shot his firegon at me but for some reason I was transported to the wastes. I don’t know if this is a sign from destiny or if I am being protected by something else. I was wrong though to ever assume there was any good in The Hive. I went there this morning to ask if they had really tried to killed me. There answer of course was as if they didn’t even know who I was. They are scared of the Academia growing with more power. They also know that Academia is the closest it has ever been to finding the Veritas box. In fact we are mounting an expedition to go to the ruins of Old City. Its is a 3 day ride on an e-horse so we should have more information soon. Keep following me!



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