Update: Wasteland Politics!

I took a trip into the wastelands today. I went with a friend of mine Professor Zimmerman from Academia. He is primarly focused on helping rebuild civilization in what most of us refer to as the wasteland. The wasteland consists of the area stretching from the colony of Firjina to the colony of Kalinornia. This vast area of desert and shrubs is growing at a rapid rate. As new land becomes livable many companies and explorers are claiming land left and right. This no mans land is growing attention from The Hive and The Blades. Forts by supporters are already being built and militias are being created. I see a future that is not bright. Our efforts to create our new world as a peaceful culture may be blocked by the efforts of the dark forces. We can only hope the Veritas box gets in our hands before its in the hands of someone uncapable.

-Dr. Booshka

A View From the Wasteland


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