Chapter 2: A Brief History of Emerica

Our world begins much like your world began, in a bang. Out of that bang sprung our universe and our planet Tarth. This world was once full of life everywhere you went but not so much anymore. After the solarian flare up of Luminus our world changed.  Let me delve into pre-2012 history. We don’t know who created us but we have always thrived and understood the world around us. My people loved to enjoy nature and enjoy life. We live very simple lives up until the 18th century. This is called the electric age. With the discovery of electricity in 1745 by Albertin Romulus our world started to change. The first major change was transportation. No longer would we use horses but electric horses. We would also no longer gather together in the town squares to hear the news but turn on the tubular vision and watch news. Soon our lives were getting simpler and our knowledge became grander. Soon our world became so advanced that we could travel to any part of Tarth at half the time it would take using our live horses. Massive cities were built and the hub bub of the electric city became the normal. This is where we get to 2012. We were at the peak of our history. You know what they say what goes up must come down and we did hard. Our leaders said they could protect us from anything so we put our trust in them. We sold our souls to the state and the demanded more and when we really had a threat they all hid like cowards. The Great Solarian Holocaust as its called by historians was the largest mass extinction ever in Tarthian history. It killed more the 3/4 the planet and burned away life as we knew it. For some reason though life thrived back as quickly as it was taken away. Plants started to take root in the barren wasteland and us Tarthians gathered where it grew the quickest. Tarthian historians have agreed on a name for this new era of reconstruction which obviously enough is called The Neo-Tarthian Reconstruction Era. Its a more wild world then it has ever been and that’s the beauty of the new Tarth. We have the ability to change it to what we want. That is why we must prevent these dark forces from infecting our world and your own world.

-Dr. Booshka

My Home Planet

My Home Planet


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