Chapter 2: The Quest for the Veritas Box

Its always seemed like more of a local legend then truth. No one knows exactly what is inside but plenty are curious. When I was in academia it was the only thing we could think about. Academia issued a challenge to the first class of 1689 to find the Veritas Box. The person who finds it would be given 1,000,000 in gold and the tools and technology to understand what it is. The problem with the challenge is that other people have issued them. The Hive and The Blades both fringe religions have issued similar quests for the box who are both offering command positions in there movements. Recently these fringe movements have begun to work harder infusing business with religion. They Hive believes that through work and discipline you can live a happy life and enjoy the rest of your time with family. The Blades are little more extreme they believe the only way we can be happy is if we are in control. In your world they would be called anarchists or terrorists. I’m not quite sure if they have pure motives but time will surely tell about these organizations. In fact I have meetings with both of the movements this week. I will further update you on both.  Keep checking the blog for more updates.

-Dr. Booshka


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