Update: An Assasination Attempt at Its Worst!!!!

To elaborate on the attack. I have found information from a colleague of mine that overheard some very interesting information. An organization wants me assassinated because I promote free thought and it is against there religion. I will not stop spreading my message until people start listening. We can no longer stand to let these dark forces win. They will start by controlling the largest companies in the world in order to get money behind there movement. Once they have secured there finances they will move on to controlling the politics and we all know the best way to control  a government is to have a lot of money. Your world is on that brink. If you can’t see it in your papers and visual tubes your ridiculous. They are going to stop at nothing to suck your souls. I don’t know what kind of creatures or what the organization is but time will reveal. Be strong and prepare your mind for the war to come. Its closer than you think!

This photo was given to me by a secret source

Give to me by a secret source. This is believed to be the leader of a secret sect called The Hive.



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