Into the Hive

The Hive is the driving force behind economics in Emerica. They believe in going to existing towns and cities and building huge towers in the middle. They slowly but surely takeover and town and run the town. There is much controversy regarding the Hive. A lot of people don’t appreciate the fact that take entrepreneur out of entrepreneurship. They take full control. The promise is money and happiness. You spend 12 hours of your day slaving away at the tower and you get two days off. This goes on and on until you die. I for one could not fall for that lifestyle. Not only do you have to work you ass off once part of the hive you have to believe in their ideals. I am not one for being forced into believing something. People think this is the way to live but its just a choice. Soon though I am afraid it won’t be a choice but by force. Are political leaders are joining forces as we speak with hive leaders. I am gathering more info on the hive so stay tuned for a new update.


The Hives Symbol

The Hives Symbol


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