Chapter 1: The Times Are Changing

Last night I was assaulted by a man claiming he had to kill me because he was ordered by an organization I had never heard of. His attempt was unsuccessful obviously thanks to my extensive training from when I was in Emerican Militia. I am starting to wonder if the reason I was attacked is because they want me gone. They want the Electric Circus to them self’s. I can see my world changing. After the devastation of our world in 2012 we built a better world. Now it seems that dark forces are gathering in my world. Oh I almost forgot to mention The Blades. I met with the organization which contacted me about the electric circus being a way to access a portal to cross into your world. I met the only man to have ever crossed over intentionally. He still lives here training people like me about the world. He also told me where to look for this device and told me when it would be there. I am starting to think everything is connected and we are on the brink of a major collision of our worlds. We are standing in the fabrics of time and I hope we don’t rip.


Greetings from the Wasteland!

Greetings from the Wasteland!


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