Chapter 1: Welcome to the Wasteland!- The End Is Near

I must interrupt my story to urge your people to be wary that actions have consequences. A visitor from your world in the year 2012 has traveled to my world. The vision is bleak because as quick as he appeared he dissipated. His words to me were quick, “Earth is at the hands of a merciless god you must help us”. I am gathering information from your time to see what we can do to help save your planet and my own. We are at war with something much darker than I could have ever expected.

Anyways I thought I might teach you a lesson in the most powerful magic in my world. This will help arm you for the coming war. I will continue to teach and educate your people for as long as I can. The first weapon I will arm you with is the power of dream. Dream is destiny. Its something you must understand in order to understand what I say to you. Follow your urges and your feelings and connect them together. Change yourself into the person you dream. Nothing is impossible…..

-Dr. Booshka


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