Chapter 1: Welcome to the Wasteland!

Dear Earth,

I am all knowing. I am everywhere yet nowhere. No one can comprehend my mental environment.I am of course Doctor Jonathan Booshka and I have a story that needs to be told. It is a story of love and adventure. Also though it is a tragic tale and a warning. This story must be told to ensure the future of the human race. If you choose to follow this tale you too can join “the knowing”and our search to find the Veritas box. Do not worry if some of this doesn’t make sense because it will. Only few can join and understand the secrets that will unlock the universe and the mind. Entrancing I know, but only few will make it through this story. Will you be a hero and follow me on an adventure through time and space or will you turn your back on me and turn to salt. I know your itching for more so I shall appeal your hunger. Let us begin this tale with some background history on myself.

In a land not so much like your own lived a young boy named Jonathan Booshka. He was entranced by the fascinating world of flashing lights and fancy machines of the city. He dreamed of one day owning a circus of lights that he could entrance the world and astound audiences. He failed at his dream of  becoming a ring leader and instead took a job as a fancy machine operator in New City,New City. Everyday of his life became mundane. At the age of 19 he decided to go to Academia in Jefferson,Firjina. He studied day in and day out till nothing but studies consumed his life. After he graduated from Academia he went on to be a Doctor in Visual Illusionary. One day while wandering the wasteland he found a tiny glowing square about the size of a visual box. He studied it for years until he became tired of finding nothing new about this glowing square. Until one day he decided to put electricity to it and wahhhh-lahhhhh. He was amazed at the glowing screen which showed images and sounds and animals that he had never seen before. What he was staring at was what he now knows as being a laptop. It was a connection portal to your world. He has been contacting people via email for years learning from professors and enthusiast alike and he has been learning. Some of the scholars in your worlds Universities believe that his world is a parallel world to your world.  This is why I urge you to listen to my story. You must listen to my story. Our worlds are in trouble and we are the only ones who can stop. Will you join this fable?

-Dr. Booshka


5 Responses to “Chapter 1: Welcome to the Wasteland!”

  1. interesting
    cause i feel the same
    my soul desires are so strong
    i like her (female energy in me) even if in mans body

    please continue
    it is indeed your way of letting the real you out..

    Frantisek / Funney
    Czech Republic

    • drbooshka Says:

      There is only one way to let the real you out! You must love yourself! Honestly try it! Love who you are and who you want to become and become it! The only person holding you back from this “real” you is you!

      – Jonny Starwood

      • yes
        this is the most important part in the process indeed

      • drbooshka Says:

        Accept yourself first! Then you must study! Find your passion and follow it till it leads you to what your looking for! When you find that passion you hold onto it as a sacred thing for you! Doctor Booshka is still teaching me many new things and my heart is wary but I grow stronger! Remember to have peace in your mind and heart too. I cluttered mind is cluttered thought!

        -Jonny Starwood

  2. hey man publish a book send me a copy please!!! im very interested in reading this on paper …

    if you can look for my family on ypur planet dr. or atleast the person i have become in my other reality let me know how im diong…gmail me so i can know details..

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